The only hotel located on the shoreline of the Eastern shore of Mobile Bay, the Hampton Inn Mobile East Bay Daphne provides the best stay on the bay. Inviting rooms with first class accommodations include balconies overlooking the Mobile Bay for exhilerating sunsets and unparalleled views. Spend your evenings in comfort in king and queen rooms or in an executive level suite.

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Welcome to the Hampton Inn® Mobile-East Bay/Daphne

When you stay at the Hampton Inn® Mobile-East Bay/Daphne hotel, you'll be perfectly positioned to explore the great outdoors — whether you're fishing, boating, swimming, or simply enjoying the natural beauty of the bay.

Located on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay at the mouth of the Mobile-Tensaw River, the Hampton Inn® Mobile-East Bay/Daphne hotel is centered in an area teeming with wildlife and plant life — a true nature lovers’ paradise! The second largest river delta in the nation, the Mobile-Tensaw Delta is formed where the Mobile, Spanish, Tensaw, Apalachee and Blakeley Rivers converge and flow into the Mobile Bay. The delta features over 250,000 acres of scenic waterways, woods and wetlands—home to a wide variety of indigenous wildlife such as alligators, black bears, wild boars, red-bellied turtles, 230 species of fish, and hundreds of species of birds including owls, blue herons and the bald eagle. In fact, numerous rare and endangered species—such as the Peregrine Falcon—inhabit the delta’s mystical waterways and wetlands.

And when it comes to bird watching, the area is second to none—especially during the spring and fall when some 90 migratory species stop over as they make their way to and from the tropics. In fact, the hotel sits on the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail—a series of looping trails featuring the area’s best birding sites—which offers birding enthusiasts endless opportunities for avian appreciation.

Starting in the delta and running the entire length of Mobile Bay, the Eastern Shore Trail features an abundance of sights, events and venues designed just for nature enthusiasts. You’ll find scenic water trails, fishing, prime birding sites, nature trails and wilderness hiking—and gator spotting sites such as Gator Alley Boardwalk (which borders the hotel), a one-of-a-kind alligator habitat where you can safely watch gators swimming, sunning and eating from an above ground boardwalk. Several botanical gardens also highlight the area, where nature lovers can get a close-up view of the beautiful plants native to the costal region. A wide variety of indigenous plant species—ranging from the exotic to the rare and endangered—can be found throughout the area.

But remember, you don’t have to leave the Hampton Inn® Mobile-East Bay/Daphne hotel to begin your nature adventure! D'Olive Creek meanders around the east and the north side of the hotel property creating a serene, natural environment—one that’s ideal for bird watching and gator sightings.

Being close to nature is just part of everyday life at the
Hampton Inn® Mobile-East Bay/Daphne hotel.

The Jubilee—you'll have to see it to believe it….

It’s a phenomenon that occurs in only a few places in the world—and Daphne is one of them. Conditions have to be just right—the tide, the wind, the temperature, the unknown. Folklore has it that even the stars have to be lined up just so. Then, with little warning, it happens. In the early dawn before sunrise, blue crabs, shrimp and a variety of bottom dwelling fish make their way into the shallow waters of the shoreline. As a time of great rejoicing, the locals shout “Jubilee!” as the shallows come alive with a bounty of seafood—just waiting to be scooped up by the tubful and enjoyed!

Click HERE to learn more about the Jubilee.

If you're looking for a comfortable Daphne hotel, look no further than the Hampton Inn® Mobile-East Bay/Daphne hotel. We're conveniently located just off I-10 on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay. Our Daphne hotel is the perfect home base from which to explore all our vibrant city has to offer, including numerous golf courses, the USS Alabama, historic sites, museums, and the Jubilee Square Mall.


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